Prioritize risks…set policy…provide proper tools and training

Our vCISO (virtual Chief Information Security Officer) service is helping businesses develop and implement information security programs that improve confidentiality, integrity and availability, while strengthening brand reputation.

Our services are geared toward small, medium, and emerging companies who are starting or growing their cybersecurity programs. Whether you need a program for competitive advantage, because you are expecting to merge or be acquired in the upcoming year, are targeting sales at a major corporation who validates vendor security programs, want to verify you have enough or need to reduce the cost of your cyber insurance, or have compliance and regulatory requirements and need to prepare for an upcoming audit, we’ve got your back..


  • Interim CISO
  • Cyber Security Strategy
  • Cyber Security Policies and Standards
  • Business Continuity
  • Provide Regulatory and Compliance Guidance
  • Training


Here are a few packages recommended for businesses from 10 to 500 employees strong. Please contact us for more details and / or custom packages.

Up to 16 hours / moUp to 24 hours / moUp to 32 hours / mo
Business Impact AnalysisBusiness Impact AnalysisBusiness Impact Analysis
Risk AssessmentRisk AssessmentRisk Assessment
Project PlanningProject PlanningProject Planning
Vendor ManagementVendor ManagementVendor Management
Strategic RecommendationStrategic RecommendationStrategic Recommendation
Threat IntelligenceThreat IntelligenceThreat Intelligence
 Project ManagementProject Management
 User Security TrainingUser Security Training
  User Security Testing
  Gap Analysis
  Policy and Procedure Development
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